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What is the Association of Tenancy Relations Officers (ATRO) ?

ATRO represents Tenancy Relations Officers and other officers working in local authorities in England and Wales who enforce the Protection From Eviction Act 1977 or take other steps to prevent and deter unlawful eviction and harassment in the private rented sector.
ATRO aims to promote best practice in the use of local authority powers and duties to enforce rights and maintain standards in private sector housing in England and Wales.

ATRO will endeavor to achieve this by:

1. Providing support and training to individual members to ensure high standards of:

  • advice, mediation and facilitation
  • enforcement
  • education and training
  • monitoring

2. Campaigning:

  • on issues relating to private sector housing
  • to raise awareness and encourage use of local authority enforcement powers.

Membership of ATRO is currently free as is attendance at our AGM

*Details of Forthcoming Annual General Meeting 15 May  2019*

but please let us know if you intend to come along by informing our secretary (see link above) or completing a contact form.

Consultations and Reports

ATRO’s submission to the 2017 House of Commons Select Committee Inquiry.

Annual General Meeting 2018

The 2018 ATRO AGM was held in Sheffield on 19 September 2018.  Our guest speaker was Clive Betts MP (Sheffield South East)  Chair, of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee who was able to provide us with interesting and informative insights into the working of the Committee and its recent report into the Private Rented Sector. There was a good deal of discussion and sharing of information about recent court cases and  legislative  developments, especially the Housing and Planning Act 2016,  as well as members sharing  ideas and good practice about ongoing current cases and recent experiences.  Clive stayed to participate in much of this discussion.

Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 ATRO AGM was held in Birmingham  on  27 September 2017. Our guest speaker was Vicky Pearlman from Shelter who gave a very interesting and informative presentation about Shelter’s campaign priorities in relation to the private rented sector. The meeting resolved that ATRO should work to continue to raise the profile of issues around the Protection from Eviction Act, and its inconsistent enforcement around the country.

To view the Chair’s report presented at the 2017 AGM, please click here.

Annual General Meeting 2016
The 2016 ATRO AGM was held at Wesminster City Hall  on  Friday 24 June.  Our guest speaker was Giles Peaker, of Anthony Gold Solicitors, editor of the excellent Nearly Legal Housing Law update site, who provided a hugely informative and stimulating presentation covering recent legislative changes affecting tenancy relations, from which much lively discussion resulted.

Contacting ATRO 

To get in touch with us, please complete the contact form here

Please note that ATRO is not in a position to offer advice and/or casework to tenants, landlords, other organisations or members of the public.

For more information about private tenancy rights, please see the Shelter website, or contact your local authority housing service.

For more information about issues to do with long leases (leases over 21 years) or park homes  please contact the leasehold advisory service www.lease-advice.org