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Forthcoming meetings

The date for the  ATRO Annual General Meeting for 2018 is still to be set.

I’m sure most Local Authority Officers with an interest in tenancy relations work will have had another very interesting but challenging year with another new raft of legislation coming into force.

In ATRO we appreciate that demands on time and money are likely to be all the greater this year but it is also perhaps a more important time than ever to become involved with ATRO:

  • to seek the support and encouragement of other officers involved in the same line of work
  • to share ideas and experiences about best practice and new initiatives
  • to learn about and contribute to efforts to raise the profile of, and recognise the importance of our area of work.

ATRO is the only association of local authority officers specialising in work to do with landlord-tenant problems and enforcement of the Protection from Eviction Act.

If you are unable to attend perhaps you could ask one of your colleagues to attend the meeting?

Following the AGM there will be a Regular meeting. The agenda for the Regular meeting is as follows: Our guest speaker is yet to be finalised but we are confident of securing someone who will have useful and stimulating things to say about current issues and ways forward in private landlord –tenant relations.

  • TRO problems and best practice – your chance to talk to other officers from all around the country about issues that are causing difficulty and to share approaches that have worked for you
  • Prosecution round up
  • Any other business


Andrew Greathead

ATRO Secretary

Direct Telephone number: 0121 464 9889

Mobile telephone: 07766 924363