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  • Reduced price subscription to Jan Luba’s Case Law Digest
  • Reduced price subscription to Jan Luba’s Case Law Digest

Law books are often out of date as soon as they go to press, but the Jan Luba’s Case Law Digest keeps pace with developments. ATRO members are eligible for a 25% reduction in the normal cost of subscribing to The Case Law Digest, a comprehensive resource authored by eminent housing lawyer Jan Luba QC. Subscribers access the Digest over the web, so you can log in from office, home, or even via your smartphone.

The product makes it really easy to understand the courts’ interpretations of the law, and really quick to search and find what you are looking for. Individual topics bring out the key points from each case in a very straightforward way, and there are links through to full details of the decisions. Most importantly, updates are carried out frequently, immediately after key decisions. The full price of the Private Rented Sector module is £100 plus VAT, so ATRO members can subscribe for £75 plus VAT per year.

The price includes a free email service to alert you to updates and additions. You can also try before you buy. To get a free trial or ask further questions, members should ‘phone 01953 483695 and quote reference ‘ATRO2013’, or contact Destin Solutions via their website at http://www.destin.co.uk/page/167/Case-Law-Digest.htm.